Flight Deck 2020 ARTISTS :

Vladimir Kremenović + Elby Brosch / Drama Tops

Spark Residency 2019 – Vanessa DeWolf

Spark!  A new, curated Open Flight Program that is periodic, recurring in the right space and time, ignited and shaped by the intrigue of the chosen artist.

Flight Deck 2019

DATE: Saturday, August 17th, 2019
SHOW: 6:30-7:30
ENTRY: suggested donation

Join us and our 2019 Flight Deck Artists – Brittani Karhoff, Alyza DelPan-Monley and Gedney Barclay as they share some ideas/excerpts from their time at Open Flight Studio.
Suggested donation. All donation make this residency possible.
Flight Deck is a summer residency program awarding up to 40 hours of research/rehearsal time at Open Flight Studio. Former Flight Deck recipients include Alia Swersky, Danielle Doell, Jessica Jobaris, Rosa Vissers & Jessica Hatlo, Carla Barragan, Liz Erber, Alice Gosti, Beth Graczyk, Allie Hankins, Kate Kerschbaum, Aiko Kinoshita & Sarah Gamblin, Wade Madsen, Ricki Mason, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Amelia Reeber, Zoe Scofield, Shannon Stewart among others.

2019 Flight Deck Artists - Brittani Karhoff

Flight Deck 2018 – FLIGHT DECK SHOWING (Alia Swersky, Danielle Doell, OFS guest Etienne Cakpo, Post Show DJ Alice)

August 11th, 2018
Suggested Donation $5 – $10
Open Flight Studio
4205 University Way NE
Open Flight Studio is excited to announce the return of Flight Deck, a summer residency program awarding up to 40 hours of research/rehearsal time at Open Flight Studio + work-in-progress showing.
This year’s Flight Deck Residency awardees are: Alia Elizabeth Swersky and Danielle Evelena Doell.
Alia Swersky has been a Seattle based movement artist and creator since 1998. She is best known as an improviser, performer, ritual creator, mentor and teacher. Alia is on faculty at Cornish College of the Arts where she has been teaching creative process, choreography and improvisation since 2005.
Danielle Doell was raised in the Midwest and graduated from Ohio University with a BFA in Performance and Choreography. After graduation, she moved to Martha’s Vineyard to be the Artist Services Intern for The Yard’s 2014 Season. She then moved to NYC briefly, working for New York Live Arts and Gibney Dance Center. But she then left to work for Dublin Dance Festival 2015. Then, Danielle returned to Martha’s Vineyard for 2.5 years to develop and pilot The Yard’s ‘Making It’ Education Initiative for all island schools.
Now, Danielle resides in Seattle and continues to choreograph through ‘LanDforms’, a creative partnership with Leah Crosby. They co-founded the partnership in 2015 on Martha’s Vineyard where Crosby still resides. Together they make work long distance. LanDforms often funny, usually tragic, and always unusual performative work strives to make people feel feelings.
Doell’s choreography has been presented at Base, On the Boards, Sh*t Gold: The Deep End, St. Bonaventure University, Triskelion Arts, The Yard, and ImpulsTanz. LanDforms were recently residents at Crojik’s Croft researching “The Life in Plastic”. She is thrilled to be a Flight Deck 2018 resident this summer to continue this research.
Come join us and see what ALIA and DANIELLE have been working on, hear some news from the Open Flight management and help us kick-off our fundraiser campaign. Also performing contemporary West African Dance, is the lovely ETIENNE CAKPO (Gansango). Etienne is a longtime OFS teaching artist and we appreciate the loving, vital, creative energy he brings to the space and community. DJ ALICE will be providing jams post show.
Flight Deck has offered valuable creative time to a wide variety of Seattle movement artists, including Jody Kuehner, Christin Call and Natascha Greenwalt Murphy, Jessica Jobaris, Rosa Vissers, Shannon Stewart, Zoe Scofield, Alice Gosti, Beth Graczyk, Allie Hankins, Aiko Kinoshita & Sarah Gamblin, Wade Madsen, Ricki Mason, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Amelia Reeber, among many others. Flight Deck gives studio space to artists to use how they choose. They can research a new idea, meditate and reflect and/or complete a project. In the Flight Deck performance, each artist will reveal to the public a unique moment in their creative project, what they are grappling with, studying, inspired by…where they are right now.


November 15, 2015 | 8:00 – 10:30 PM
To benefit Seattle’s art doers and makers
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With performances by
Paige Barnes & Julian Martlew, Etienne Capko, Anna Conner, Scott Davis, Vanessa DeWolf, Saskia Dolores, Beth Fleenor & Paris Hurely, Alice Gosti, Aiko Kinoshita, Ameila Reeber, ilvs strauss, Thunderpussy, Rosa Vissers and more!
Come celebrate Open Flight’s history, its future, and of course the artists.
The bar will be open! Grab a drink, hang out, watch, listen and dream.

Open Flight’s annual Fundraiser Performance Party
$20 suggested donation

Proceeds support space improvements and an artist residency program


HERE/NOW: Installment 12
(3-year anniversary!)

DATE: Saturday, March 10, 2012
SEATING: 730-8pm
SHOW: 8-945pm
ENTRY: $8 suggested donation
BEVERAGES: inspired selection of healthy cans and bottles + hot tea
MERCHANDISE: packaged DVDs of past installments

HERE/NOW is a quarterly Dance and Music improvisation-based performance series produced by Christopher Hydinger and Paige Barnes. Consisting of 8 Dancers and 8 Musicians randomly paired together via audience participation and given 8 minutes to improvise a duet, HERE/NOW has become a distinct and vital cultural event while also providing a much needed platform for experimentation, connection and feedback between professional Dancers and Musicians.

*This program is currently on pause. To read about the rich collaborations that transpired from 2009 – 2012 please visit the blog site.